Five factors to keep in mind when purchasing toner for your printer

The printer is a piece of crucial equipment in any general or home office. Of course, the ink cartridge plays an important role in delivering much-needed printing tasks. Therefore, choosing a toner cartridge should be meticulous to ensure only the highest quality printing is maintained. The toner or ink will determine the quality of the prints. Over the years, it has become easier for users to buy toners through online shops. The great thing is that most of these shops stock toners from a myriad of manufacturers.  

As such, the customer is spoilt for choice. That said, there a few things that they need to consider when shopping for toner. These factors are discussed below:

The cost

Its human nature, to regard pricing before they make any purchases, buying toners is no exception! The end-user can compare prices from different manufacturers.  Even though there is a reason behind each toner pricing, you should focus on your needs. You need to ask yourself whether the toner pricing is right for your needs. If you are not careful, you might spend more on a toner that is readily available at cheaper prices.

For example, the Brother DCP-L2550DW toner is an affordable replacement toner!

In most cases, the originally manufactured toner is more expensive than the compatible or remanufactured ones. In some instances, the toner’s price is more than the original printer’s price. So you need to look out for the cheaper prices.

The usage

You should ensure that the toner you pick is compatible with your printer. For example, some toner comes with individual colors while others come in one toner. You need to distinguish between the options available. Also, some manufacturers insist that you should use the original toner for the warranty to be valid. Remember to read the terms of your warranty before making any purchases.


The quality of toner cannot be stressed enough. The trick is to ensure that you buy the toners from known retailers with fully tried and certified products. It’s also good to note that just because a toner is highly-priced doesn’t mean it’s of high quality.

There are low-cost toners that offer over and above the value of your money! If you settle for a low-quality product you will end getting unattractive printing results. Bad printing quality will negatively affect your business reputation. Plus remanufactured toners might cost more than the original ones in certain conditions.

The warranty

Different warranties stipulate different things for each manufacturer. Nevertheless, warranties are important especially when buying office equipment. When a manufacturer backs their product with a warranty it gives consumers confidence.

Some warranties are longer than others. Look out for one that instills total confidence in you. Besides, you should read the rules and regulations stipulated in the warranty. For instance, some manufacturers will revoke a warranty if you install a toner manufactured by third party companies.

Timely delivery

You need to consider the time it will take for the delivery of your toner. Some online retailers will blow their trumpets on delivery especially on their website. However, their delivery system is disorganized and slow. Therefore, they will take ages to deliver your toner. Imagine a scenario where you’ve run out of ink, in the middle of a project, and the ink delivery process is inefficient. It is a dire situation. Let the retailer you choose guarantee fast delivery.


These key points will help you make an informed decision as you plan to buy toner. It’s upon the manufacturer to deliver high-quality toners.  However, you are obligated to choose the right toner for your printer at affordable pricing. In preparation for any eventuality, you need to have the contact of toner suppliers. For example, knowing where to get the right toner will ease the replacement process.

It’s worth mentioning that compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges are equally reliable and help save money. One great example of a compatible cartridge is the Brother DCP-L2550DW toner. Various studies indicate that you can save up to 60 % of the total price by purchasing compatible or remanufactured cartridges.

Additionally, they are produced on a more sustainable process than the manufacturers’ toner cartridges. The bottom line is that having a trusted retailer comes in worthy when you need a toner!

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